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Overview of Natural Sciences

Since the 12th Five-Year Plan period (2011-2015), XTU has carried out research cooperation and exchanges with enterprises and public institutions from over 50 districts, counties and cities of nearly 20 provinces (municipalities directly under the central government and autonomous regions), and signed more than 1,780 contracts on national key projects of natural science and technology, military product supports, and national defense technology, and all kinds of horizontal research projects and industry-university-research cooperation of Hunan province, with a total amount of 333 million yuan.

It has been granted with 68 science and technology awards of different types. Among them, 36 provincial and ministerial science and technology awards were presented for the projects that were presided over by the university as the independent or primary implementer.

The university has applied for 1,746 patents in various areas of intellectual property (including 1,269 invention patents), among which 844 has been authorized (including 412 invention patents). A total of 5,389 papers have been published on SCIE and EI journals. The citation frequency of the SCIE-indexed papers ranked about 75th and that of highly cited papers on ESI ranked about 50th throughout the country.

XTU has been accredited with Grade III confidentiality certificate of the research and production for national defense equipment, the certificate of military standard quality management system, and the license for research and production of weapons and equipment.

There are 64 research institutes of natural science in the university, including 4 ones at state level, 25 at provincial or ministerial level, 10 at prefectural or departmental level, and 25 at university level. More than 30 cooperative platforms have been jointly established with enterprises, such as industry-university-research cooperation base, industry research institute, innovative industrial park, and independent innovation park. Four innovation teams of the Ministry of Education, 4 innovation research teams of Hunan Provincial Natural Science Foundation and 6 scientific and technological innovation teams of Hunan universities have been established.